The Hobby at Home website collects online content about art hobbies and experiences for children and young people. 

The links of the website lead to the websites of different publishers. The Hobby at Home team has studied all the content and made sure that it is suitable for children and adolescents. Each content provider is responsible for the right to use the texts, images and votes that they use in their content.

The website has been produced by the Association of Finnish Children’s Culture Centres, the Cultural Centre PiiPoo and the Children’s Culture Centre Verso in cooperation with several different children’s culture centres.

The content of the website is produced by Finnish children’s culture centres and actors in basic art education, art educators, art institutes and artists. is a website maintained by children’s culture professionals working in various organisations. The concept of the site is the responsibility of the Cultural Centre PiiPoo, where Pilvi Kuitu has brainstormed the site and leads the Hobby at Home team, Teija Longi has designed the graphical look and Saara Kartimo updates new content. The site is built and maintained by Terhi Siippainen and Julia Vatanen at the Children’s Culture Centre Verso. activities are coordinated by Hanna Nordström in the Association of Finnish Children’s Culture Centres, and art educator Henri Peltola is also involved. The working group also includes Annina Ylikoski, Ostrobothnia Children’s Culture Network BARK (translations) and Sarina Pulkka and Riikka-Leena Puistola from the youth cultural centre ARX (Instagram boosts).

We constantly update the site. We do our best to be fast in maintenance and communication, but we can’t reach top speed because of other tasks. Especially during the summer, there is a long delay in updating because of holidays. Thank you for your patience!

The website has been implemented with a general grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture to promote children’s culture.

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