Architecture and the environment

Making Paper House – Beautiful Home with Playground for Pets & Kids.
Age recommendation: 9+
Duration: 15:07 min.
Publisher: SuliAi
A Cabin for a Fairy. Your task is to built a Fairy a cabin made out of natural materials. What kind of house would a fairy want to occupy?
Age recommendation: 10-11
Publisher: Espoon kuvataidekoulu
link volour hunt at home
On their colourful pages, the Colournauts have different activities related to nature, such as season bingo and colour orienteering.
Age recommendation: All ages
Publisher: Colournauts
Explore Marbles Kids Museum activities at home! Join Robin as she showcases some eco-art.
Age recommendation: 4+
Duration: 2:34 min.
Publisher: Marbles kids museum
Raku Inoue is taking you through the steps you need to know to try to create your own fantastical insect sculptures, from foraging in your hard to choosing an insect to getting into your own creative headspace.
Age recommendation: 5+
Duration: 03:35 min.
Publisher: CBC Arts
link Children and Youth Cultural Centre ARX mandala from forest
Gather treasures in a nearby forest — cones, branches, stones, flowers and leaves, and make a circular mandala.
Age recommendation: All ages.
Publisher: Children and Youth Cultural Centre ARX
link the museum of architecture current exhibitions
The website gives you access to the digital content of current exhibitions of the Museum of Architecture.
Age recommendation: 7+
Publisher: The Museum of Architecture