Accessible Art Hobby

Accessible art hobby

The introduction of the Accessible Art Hobby mark on the site means that:

We want children who need support in our activities, and we communicate it openly and actively with this sign. The aim is to find as much accessible content as possible on the site. The website contains content in different languages as well as non-language content. The site has been developed in accordance with the WACG 2.1 Accessibility Directive.

The website’s existence is widely and regularly communicated in different environments in order to reach users nationally.

We acquire expertise in working with children in need of special support and are ready to experiment with inclusion.

We do not think we know everything, which is why we need cooperation with users.

The website will be developed together with expert organisations and users who need support.

You can openly and confidentially inform us about the child’s need for support and different needs regarding content.

Our goal is for every child to find interesting things to do on the site and get excited to try it out.

The aim is to implement the content of the website as diversely as possible.

We offer content of different lengths and challenges from a wide variety of art genres.

The visual expression and language of the site will be kept as clear as possible. Our aim is that all the material on the site is plain, understandable and easy to read, including through reading programmes.

We are resolutely against bullying and discrimination. We will ensure that all content on the pages is free of discrimination and respects all population groups.

The accessibility page describes the accessibility of

Our goal is an accessible website.

Use of the site is free of charge.